potato days


i feel like a potato today. 

it’s true what they say… as you get older, the year goes by faster! haha. How is it already May?

So it’s currently 9:35pm on a Friday night, I had been invited to go to a house-warming pool party with some of my climbing friends but now I’m just curled up in bed- burrito-style, feeling like a potato. It’s been a super stressful week with the semester coming to the end. It’s been paper after paper, and I can finally breathe a little now.

I had originally planned on going out , a ‘treat yo’self’, celebrate a little kind of night, but I knew I just had to listen to my body. I just wanted to be in bed tonight. But despite how comfortable I feel right now, I can’t help but think how fun my friends are having right now: Should I have gone? You should be socializing! Make new friends- get out of your comfort zone! Sigh. I needed this though. A night alone, drowned in thoughts.